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Progress on the house has stalled a bit.

This is partially due to our insanely busy schedules {we actually have jobs and lives outside of our home renovations}, but also because we are nearly finished with the demolition phase — I’ll post more pictures later. So now we have to start making lots of decisions {and spending money}, which is always difficult for . . . Read More

The Guest Bedroom

Bedroom 2 Closets

The other day, I promised I’d upload more pictures of our guest bedroom. So I’ve followed through on that promise, but I have to warn you…

It’s pretty crazy!!








Dave and I have officially named every bedroom in . . . Read More

Farmhouse Inspiration

Farmhouse Bedroom

Since our guest bedroom currently looks like this: {more pictures coming soon}

And our goal is for it to look like this:

Photo Credit: Country Living

We have a bit of work to do!

But while we’re busy chipping away at our many projects, I thought it would be fun for you to take a . . . Read More

Dave’s “New” Tractor

Dave's Tractor 4

As I mentioned the other day, Dave got a tractor…well, I suppose it’s OUR tractor, but I’m hoping Dave will be the one to use it! We found it on Craigslist {where we pretty much buy everything} and had it delivered a few weeks ago.

And after 3 weeks . . . Read More

Master Bedroom Demolition

Pad removed

Remember earlier this week when I posted a bunch of ideas for our master bedroom?? Well we’re certainly not there yet, but we’re making progress…kind of!

Please note, these pictures were taken at 10:00pm with a really harsh ceiling fan light {and I was in a hurry} so don’t expect anything too grand!

First things first — we had to . . . Read More

It’s Officially Winter!

Jingle Bells

Here are a few pictures I snapped yesterday…after I cleared the driveway!

. . . Read More

The Master Bedroom…

Master Bedroom

Now that we’ve successfully completed our very first project, we figured it was time to move on to something bigger and better.

The Master Bedroom!

First of all, I just want to show you a picture of our super cute master bedroom over in our old house. {Sorry the picture is kind-of grainy}.

Here’s a better picture of . . . Read More

Our First Project — The Garage Door Remotes

Chamberlain Garage Door Opener

We’ve been in our home for 12 days now and I’m already itching to complete our first project! However, we decided not to start anything until the first of the year. After all, we wanted to get our stuff moved in, set up, organized, and live here for at least a few days before we started . . . Read More

Boxes, Boxes, and More Boxes!

More Boxes

I’m proud to say that not only were we completely moved into our new house after 5 days, we also had ALL the boxes unpacked and put away after 8 days!

Whew, I’m tired just thinking about it again.

We had a lot of boxes!

And, since I was NOT going to sleep, work, or spend any amount of time in . . . Read More

Moving Day!


We survived moving day!

We were a little worried about moving in December. Not only because the winter weather in Michigan usually doesn’t cooperate, but also because we moved only FIVE days before Christmas — which is a crazy busy time for both of us {and everyone else!}

However, when the . . . Read More