House Tour

Looking for a room-by-room tour of our home? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

The pictures here are all the before pictures.

Did you read that…these are the BEFORE PICTURES!

We have a ton of ideas and projects – we can’t wait to get started. And once we finish a room; we’ll post an “after” picture that you can click on to see everything we’ve done in that room of our home!

Oh the excitement!!

Welcome to our home {the virtual edition!}

Remember the front — and the big front porch? I can’t wait to get a porch swing out here!

Come on in…don’t be shy!

The dinning room is on the right with a large opening into the kitchen. Eventually, we want to knock that dividing wall out to open things up even more.

The living room is to the left. Nothing special…yet!

The kitchen is towards the back of the house…and let’s just say we have a few things we’d like to change (just a few!)

Unfortunately, since kitchen remodels tend to be a bit pricey, this is one of the last projects on our LONG list.

This is one of the main floor bathrooms — just off the kitchen. It’s nice and open, but we’re still not sure about those huge windows right by the toilet and shower.

And this is the back door, leading out to the garage. The laundry room is on the the left, the bathroom is on the right.

Since my favorite colors are white, cream, beige, white…and white; you can image how I feel about this vibrant master bedroom! But they did leave us the wall mounted TV.

At least the master bathroom is more neutral – or is it just faded from old age? We’re planning a complete overhaul in here; you probably won’t even recognize it when we show you the “after” pics!

The second bedroom {also on the main floor} is actually covered with wallpaper that LOOKS like paint splatters! Honestly, once our renovations are finished, I think this room will be one of my favorite rooms in the house. Just wait until you see what we have planned…

The main floor office was actually one of the major selling points for us {besides the front porch and heated out building!} We have a TON of cool stuff planed for this room…including knocking out one of the walls.

OK, let’s go upstairs.


As with most old farmhouses, they have a “landing area” at the top of the stairs. I LOVE our landing and can’t wait to fill it with cute furniture. Plus, it’s already wired for cable so it could also serve as a “den”. Oh the possibilities!

Bedroom #3 is completely BLUE. Blue carpet, blue walls, blue curtains, and a blue ceiling. It does have a walk-in closet and the original plank floors so I’ll live with the blue for now!

And bedroom #4, not to be outdone by any of the previous bedrooms, is BRIGHT PURPLE! Purple carpet, walls, and wallpaper. As you can tell, my obsession with neutral colors may present a problem…

Yes, bathroom #3 is bright green…and blue…and yellow…with a fish/ocean themed boarder. However, the bathroom is HUGE and has tons of potential. This could be another one of my favorite rooms once we’re finished.

And last, but not least, the attic. Since most of the upstairs is finished, the attic is actually very small {and cold}. However, it’s dry storage and I’m not about to turn my nose up at extra storage.

Let’s bring this tour outside…

Here’s the front again — and it looks even better when it’s all lit up at night.

This is the back corner, off the driveway.

We’re SO excited about the covered breeze-way and all the gorgeous woodwork! Doesn’t it just scream “old farmhouse”??

And what would a farmhouse be without a porch swing?

This is the back door that goes into the kitchen.

Another shot from the back. That little deck is right outside the office.

Here’s the first 2-stall garage — yup we have another one! But this garage has the adorable weather vein on top!

And here’s the second garage.

This garage is actually a large heated out building which will be awesome for entertaining!

That’s all for now.

So can you see why we fell totally in love with this house?

OK, well even if you think we’re crazy for taking on such vibrant colors, crazy wallpaper, and a mass amount of projects; I guarantee you’ll fall in love with our farmhouse once you see a few of the “after pictures” — just wait!

After pictures…coming soon!