Do you have a question you’re just dying to ask us??

Before you fire off your question, take a few minutes to quickly scan through the questions below. If your question isn’t listed, then feel free to send us an email: farmhouselove @ gmail.com — We’ll do our best to answer it right away. And if we don’t know the answer, we’ll try to figure it out!

Why an old farmhouse?

Great question! For some reason, I’ve ALWAYS been obsessed with farms, farmhouses, barns, primitive decor, etc. I grew up in a suburban ranch home and my parents think I’m crazy for buying an old house…so I don’t know where my obsession came from! I guess I just love the history behind old homes, the character of old wood floors, the randomness of multiple additions, and the exciting of tackling ”the next project”! I’m also REALLY lucky that Dave also likes “country life” and is willing to entertain my farmhouse obsession!

Do you know the history of your home?

Yes, we know SOME of the history and are working like crazy to filling in the gaps and find awesome old pictures. You can read all about it over here!

How did you sell your previous home so quickly?

We put our previous home (a 60′s ranch) for sale on a Friday morning and by Monday, we had 3 offers! It was crazy, especially since we were selling by owner on Craigslist!

We are confident that our entire situation was “meant to be” and totally in God’s hands; however, we did have a few things going for us… We had done extensive renovations to our previous home, we kept it very clean and uncluttered, we staged it to sell, AND we priced it competitively based on the current market (we weren’t using a realtor so we could save a lot because of that).

We posted our home on Craigslist — which is an awesome way to sell anything for free. You can read my tips for selling on Craigslist over on my other blog.

Do you ever get tired?

Yes!! For sure! There are days when we don’t feel like making a mess, getting tools out, getting dirty, etc. Sometimes we use bribes, other times we just waste time on the internet and pretend we don’t have all our self-imposed deadlines!