It’s Starting to Look Like a Bathroom!

Bathroom Vanity Wall

So remember way back when we moved in — our master bathroom looked like this:

And we were NOT super excited about it.

So we tore it apart.¬†All the way down to the studs…which was really the only way to go with this ugly of a bathroom.

And then we had the brilliant idea . . . Read More

A Walk-in Shower!!

Knocking out the closet

It’s been awhile since I posted…but that’s only because we’ve been REAL indecisive lately.

Dave and I keep coming up with new ideas, better ideas, different ideas. We had so many good ideas that we were trapped — we didn’t know which one to go with.

Then yesterday, a light-bulb went on and we came up with THE . . . Read More

Bathroom Demolition

Master Bath 2

Even though bathroom makeovers tend to be quite pricey, Dave and I are willing to splurge for a nice bathroom. After all, we’re planning to live here for a long time and want it to be nice.

Really nice!

And for some reason, the current master bath just didn’t fit our farmhouse style…

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