A Farmhouse…Nursery!

white nursery

Remember the pictures of our guest bedroom I showed you several weeks ago? You know, that UGLY room with four layers of wallpaper, hideous blue carpet, and horrendous mirrored closet doors?

Well, due to an unexpected “change of plans” our guest room will be our new nursery in about 24 weeks

Yup, I’m 16 weeks pregnant!

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It’s Starting to Look Like a Bathroom!

Bathroom Vanity Wall

So remember way back when we moved in — our master bathroom looked like this:

And we were NOT super excited about it.

So we tore it apart. All the way down to the studs…which was really the only way to go with this ugly of a bathroom.

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A Walk-in Shower!!

Knocking out the closet

It’s been awhile since I posted…but that’s only because we’ve been REAL indecisive lately.

Dave and I keep coming up with new ideas, better ideas, different ideas. We had so many good ideas that we were trapped — we didn’t know which one to go with.

Then yesterday, a light-bulb went on and we came up with THE . . . Read More

Bathroom Demolition

Master Bath 2

Even though bathroom makeovers tend to be quite pricey, Dave and I are willing to splurge for a nice bathroom. After all, we’re planning to live here for a long time and want it to be nice.

Really nice!

And for some reason, the current master bath just didn’t fit our farmhouse style…

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The Guest Bedroom

Bedroom 2 Closets

The other day, I promised I’d upload more pictures of our guest bedroom. So I’ve followed through on that promise, but I have to warn you…

It’s pretty crazy!!








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Master Bedroom Demolition

Pad removed

Remember earlier this week when I posted a bunch of ideas for our master bedroom?? Well we’re certainly not there yet, but we’re making progress…kind of!

Please note, these pictures were taken at 10:00pm with a really harsh ceiling fan light {and I was in a hurry} so don’t expect anything too grand!

First things first — we had to . . . Read More

The Master Bedroom…

Master Bedroom

Now that we’ve successfully completed our very first project, we figured it was time to move on to something bigger and better.

The Master Bedroom!

First of all, I just want to show you a picture of our super cute master bedroom over in our old house. {Sorry the picture is kind-of grainy}.

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Farmhouse Love is Live


It’s finally finished!

FarmhouseLove.com is up and running with just two days left before our big move on December 20!

Take a few moments to look around, learn a bit more about us, about our homes history, and why we wanted to create this website. We hope you enjoy following us as we completely renovate our 120 year old farmhouse.

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