The Walls Keep Coming Down

New opening into office

Things aren’t LOOKING any better around our house… but we are making progress!

One of the things on our very long list of to-do’s was to knock out a few more walls. We’ve already knocked out a few partial walls, but since two of the walls we wanted to take out were load-bearing walls, we just kept putting it off . . . Read More

We’re Still Working

Wood Stain Options

Yes…we’re still here.

We’re still working.

We’re still ripping up, tearing out, and demolishing a third of our house.

We’re still living in a complete mess.

I just got sick of blogging about it!

But there’s good news…we’re also making progress!


1. My uncle agreed to build us this GORGEOUS bathroom vanity from Pottery Barn.

He has the plans drawn up, . . . Read More

One Word: Insulation!


One of the main issues we KNEW we would run into with our 120 year old farmhouse was insulation — or rather the lack of insulation!

We were hopeful that the previous owners took the time to insulate the house during their many renovations — but they didn’t

So, since we’re in the middle of gutting . . . Read More

FREE Furniture Makeover!


Progress on the house has stalled a bit.

This is partially due to our insanely busy schedules {we actually have jobs and lives outside of our home renovations}, but also because we are nearly finished with the demolition phase — I’ll post more pictures later. So now we have to start making lots of decisions {and spending money}, which is always difficult for . . . Read More

Our First Project — The Garage Door Remotes

Chamberlain Garage Door Opener

We’ve been in our home for 12 days now and I’m already itching to complete our first project! However, we decided not to start anything until the first of the year. After all, we wanted to get our stuff moved in, set up, organized, and live here for at least a few days before we started . . . Read More

Farmhouse Love is Live


It’s finally finished! is up and running with just two days left before our big move on December 20!

Take a few moments to look around, learn a bit more about us, about our homes history, and why we wanted to create this website. We hope you enjoy following us as we completely renovate our 120 year old farmhouse.

And . . . Read More