Our Home

Yup, our house is 120 years old — which means there’s probably just a little history.

There is still so much we don’t know — and we’re working with the previous owners and the city of Hudsonville to obtain as much information as possible.  We are also hoping to get a bunch of pictures to post as well.

Here’s what we have so far…


The estate was originally a 70+ acre farm with many out buildings, a large barn, fields, and cattle.

The original basement was dug with a horse!

The home was very small with only one bedroom, kitchen, small living space, and an attic

There was no bathroom in the original home and the “well room” in the basement was their source of water


The original owner’s son purchased the home and added 2 more bedrooms and another bathroom on the main floor. (The upstairs was still just unfinished attic space)

They also added on to the front of the house which made room for a bigger living area and a dinning room.

A horrible tornado came through Hudsonville in the 50′s so the owners added a tornado shelter off a workroom in the basement.

The majority of the basement was re-dug and 9′ cement walls were poured.

The barn was taken down and the wood was pressed into the wet cement walls in the basement.


The most recent owners {people we bought from} purchased the home and added the first 2-stall garage.


The same owners added the main floor office, laundry room, and created a staircase to the “attic”


The same owners basically added the entire second story by bumping out the roof line, adding dormer windows to the 2 large bedrooms, adding a large full bath, storage area, and large “landing”

They bumped out the front of the house again adding an even larger living area, dinning area, and master bedroom.

They added the beautiful front porch {which was the main selling point for us!}

They completely re-sided and re-roofed the home.

They added all the landscaping, underground sprinkling, and the long circular paved driveway.


The same owners added the extra building and 2-stall garage out back.


We purchased the home with LOTS of ideas –and a time-frame!

Here are some of the major projects we hope to tackle — we’ll see if they all get done on schedule!

Winter 2011 — main floor bedrooms and bathroom on the West side of the house.

Spring 2011 – bedrooms and bathroom on the second floor

Summer 2011 — power wash EVERYTHING, fix and repaint all exterior woodwork, and spruce up landscaping

Fall 2011 — work on the outbuilding and garage…and build a little “out-house looking” shed

Winter 2012 — Basement {this could be a big project!!}

Spring 2012 — put in a huge vegetable garden with white picket fence and white trellis

When we have enough money — we want to completely gut the entire kitchen, dinning room, and living room; knock down several dividing walls between them, lay all REAL hardwood plank flooring, new cabinets and appliances, etc. etc.

Yup, we’ll be busy…but this is what we wanted!

I will continue to update this page as we get more information and/or find new pictures!