An Update On Our Farmhouse

Welcome back! 

It’s been exactly 19 months {to the day} since I’ve posted anything here at!


Since I last posted in May of 2011, we’ve started and finished MANY, MANY farmhouse projects… and we now have an almost 13 month old baby girl… Nora!

Since I continue to receive comments and emails related to FarmhouseLove on a very regular basis, I decided I should post one more update!

I’m simply THRILLED that you are so interested in our farmhouse — and if you’d like to stay “in-the-know” about all the fun projects we’re tackling, just follow my other blog, Simple Organized Living.

You can click on the “House and Home” section if you only want to read about farmhouse stuff… but feel free to read the rest of the blog if you’re at all interested in cleaning, organizing, time management, simple recipes, meal planning, etc.

And just because I’m nice, I included a link to some of our bigger projects below. If you love old farmhouses, be prepared to drool!

Thanks again for stopping by!

Love: Dave, Andrea & Nora 

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