The Walls Keep Coming Down

Things aren’t LOOKING any better around our house… but we are making progress!

One of the things on our very long list of to-do’s was to knock out a few more walls. We’ve already knocked out a few partial walls, but since two of the walls we wanted to take out were load-bearing walls, we just kept putting it off and putting it off {yup, I was procrastinating!}

Wall #1: between the office and the living room.

This WAS the view from the French doors that opened out of our office onto a little deck area {see photo below for doors and deck}. The door on the right went into the hallway and then the hallway went out to the living room. It was a cramped walkway and every time I was in the office, I just felt claustrophobic.

NOTE: The ugly office furniture was left with the house…and is now gone!

So, we decided to cut a 4 ft. opening into the living room and will be closing off that doorway into the hallway.

Doesn’t it seem so much brighter and more open already?

And even on a cloudy, dreary day, look how much light is pouring in through those French doors! Our living room is much brighter now too.

Wall #2: into the hallway.

If you’re looking into our new “hole”, you’ll see another doorway to the left. That’s the doorway into our bedroom wing {2 bedrooms and a bathroom}.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any great “before” pictures — but you can kind of see how small the opening is from the picture below {only about 28 inches, which is WAY too small for a hallway entrance}

Now the opening is almost 40 inches, which makes the hallway seem less cramped — and it will make it much easier to move furniture into our rooms {I’m honestly not sure how they did it before!}

And while it might sound fun to be knocking down walls and “renovating our dream house” — just remember that we’re currently living in the mess below!

Well, to be perfectly honest, we’re actually living upstairs — in the bright purple bedroom and using the neon fish bathroom, so we are a bit removed from all the drywall dust.

But seriously, we’re having company over this weekend and do you even know how dirty my kitchen floor is!!!

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