It’s Starting to Look Like a Bathroom!

So remember way back when we moved in — our master bathroom looked like this:

And we were NOT super excited about it.

So we tore it apart.All the way down to the studs…which was really the only way to go with this ugly of a bathroom.

And then we had the brilliant idea of knocking out part of the wall to make the bathroom bigger and create room for a walk-in shower.

We were making great progress until we got stalled by the plumber, and then we went on vacataion, and then the plumber was busy again.

So finally, the plumber came, and we soon realized that pretty much ALL our plumbing was messed up, so it took the better part of 2 weeks to get everything squared away {seriously, I’m scared to see that bill!}

However, after the plumber finished, we made rapid progress, and now our bathroom looks like this:


We now have a full 8 foot wall for our new vanity. Plus we’ll have 2 mirrors, 2 sinks, and way more electrical outlets than we did before!

So instead of looking like this:

It will hopefully look like this in a few more weeks {OK, maybe several weeks…but here’s to hoping}

OK, on with the rest of our bathroom progress…

This is what the tub area used to look like:

And this is what it looks like now:

Not only do we have room for a walk-in shower and a toilet area, we also made room for a small linen closet.

And my favorite feature of our new bathroom is the built-in wall heater that’s on a timer and a thermostat so we can have it toasty warm every morning when we wake up!

I also love the pocket door that we’ll be installing. It will give us more room to move around without an annoying door getting in the way.

Oh, and here’s a little peak inside the shower. We don’t have the light hooked up yet, so it’s kind of dark…but you get the picture.


I know it really doesn’t look amazing yet, but if you only knew how many weeks and months it’s taken to come this far, you would be as excited as I am!

We’re still making progress on all the rest of our rooms too, but this is probably the biggest milestone so far. And hopefully I’ll have a few breathtaking ”after” pictures to show you within the next 4-6 weeks!!

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