Bathroom Demolition

Even though bathroom makeovers tend to be quite pricey, Dave and I are willing to splurge for a nice bathroom. After all, we’re planning to live here for a long time and want it to be nice.

Really nice!

And for some reason, the current master bath just didn’t fit our farmhouse style…

Maybe it was the faded bluish grey carpet, or the yellowed wallpaper…

Or maybe the ridiculously small mirror, the hideous vanity, and the double bulk-head…

Or maybe it was because brown water came out of the faucet every time we turned the water on!

For those reasons and many more, we are not big fans of this bathroom.

So we gutted it!

ALL of it.

Our first order of business was to remove the bulk heads above the shower and the vanity. We were relieved to find that they weren’t covering up any plumbing or heat vents…and basically served no purpose!

Then the entire ceiling had to go.

Then we removed the vanity, linen cabinet, toilet, and walls.

Now, the only thing left to do is remove the tub and tiles — which is MUCH easier said than done.

And I suppose we should clean up the mess!

Anyone want to take a bath?

A HUGE thanks to my dad for doing the bulk of our bathroom demolition. Dave and I are super busy right now and are so thankful my dad was willing to help out.


And since I can’t leave you with these horrible pictures, I thought I’d give you a tiny little peak into what our finished bathroom might look like…

What do you think?

This vanity is from Pottery Barn, but I know someone who can custom build a cabinet to look JUST like this one for a fraction of the price!

I just need to convince him to do it…

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