Another Farmhouse Tour

Remember my field trip to the saw mill a week ago?

Well, I went on another field trip this past week — but this time, I only had to go about 5 miles down the road to another old farmhouse.

The Maple Ridge Farm

This 1830′s farmhouse is proudly owned by Tom and Sandy Ralya, who have completely renovated every inch — and it’s absolutely gorgeous.

Sandy contacted me a few weeks ago after finding Farmhouse Love and realizing that we lived just a few miles apart. She graciously invited me over for lunch and a tour — oh the excitement!

We had so much fun chatting, eating, and touring, that I forgot to get a picture of Sandy, but seriously, she’s an amazing lady! Not only does she have excellent taste wen it comes to home decor, she’s also an author, public speaker, and the founder of Beautiful Womanhood Ministries! And I thought I was busy :)

Ready for a Tour…

This is the first room I saw when I walked in the back door. It’s the mudroom/laundry room.

The cabinet doors are all reclaimed from antique stores — and can we all just take a moment to look at that adorable antique sink… it really works too!

This is the three-season sitting room on the front of the house.

So quaint and relaxing — and look at that view!

Sandy really likes the European Farmhouse style, and did an excellent job capturing that in her kitchen.

I LOVE that many of her small appliances {including the microwave} are hidden behind cabinet doors or in the center island. I also love the open plate racks and glass doors which showcase her collection of Fiesta Ware.

This is the “Formal Living Room”. They also have a huge added-on family room, but I love this room because it has the original wood floors!

I’m also a huge fan of the windows and all the gorgeous white trim.

As with any good farmhouse, the old charm doesn’t stop at the back door — it continues outside to this gorgeous garage made from old hospital windows!

Tom and Sandy scored these windows during a trip to Traverse City. The local hospital was getting all new windows and Sandy asked what they were planning to do with the old one. The construction manager gave them the windows…FOR FREE!!!

Isn’t it just stunning?

The Maple Ridge Farm is a 5 acre farm with 3 acres of fenced in horse pastures and several outbuildings — my favorite of which is this chicken coop!

Eventually, we hope to build some type of chicken coop on our property, but we have a few more important projects on our plate first!

Sandy loves gardens.

She has vegetables, herbs, berries, grapes, and TONS of flowers…and she grows many of them from seed in this greenhouse / potting shed. And yes, it really is a cute as it looks — plus it’s heated!

But the real show-stopper is their massive barn that they currently use to board horses.

They have used this barn for all sorts of gatherings, including anniversaries, birthdays, rehearsal dinners, and weddings {the picture below is an actual wedding in their barn!!!}

My dream was always to have an early Fall wedding with the reception in a barn. Then I married a teacher who only got the summer off!

Pretty amazing isn’t it?

Oh, and did I mention — this farm is for sale!!!

See more details of the beautifully renovated Maple Ridge Farmhouse here.

Thanks to Sandy for being a gracious host, an amazing cook, and for answering all my MANY renovation questions! What a fun tour!

10 comments to Another Farmhouse Tour

  • simply gorgeous!!!! Thanks for the tour.

  • I am reading down this post and first I think….how great it would be to have a neighbor like this, with this kind of ministry. I would love that. Then I keep drooling at the pictures and fall in love with the house and think….how great would it be to buy this. I wonder if they would sell it. So then you say it is for sale. Why in the world are they moving? I wonder if my hubby would go for moving from Iowa to Michigan??? I always said I wanted warmer but cooler in the summer would be nice!!! Awesome post as usual.

    Twitter: FarmhouseLove

    Too funny Karen!
    Yes, Sandy is a lovely “neighbor” and such a gracious host. And YES, they are selling their beautiful home. They’ve lived there for several years now, all their children are out of the house, and I think they just want something with less upkeep.

    Better ask your hubby!

  • Laura
    Twitter: orgjunkie

    Oh my word…I can’t get over the price….$365,000!!!! Holy smokes, is that ever inexpensive. How come so low? Is that just the state of your market right now? What a stunning home!

    Twitter: FarmhouseLove

    Laura, our market is very low right now. This house is actually on the high end {which is why it’s been for sale for awhile}. It IS a gorgeous house, but speaking from experience, old homes are a lot of work so I suppose there isn’t a huge market for them. But the entire house is completely updated and so beautiful…sure you don’t want to move to West MI?

    Twitter: orgjunkie

    Definitely! Although it’s a long way from Alberta, Canada :)

  • Absolutely beautiful farm! They have done some amazing work on it. Unfortunately we’re thinking that our next move will be somewhere a lot warmer than Germany…like back to Florida! If only this house was there… :)

    Thanks for the tour! So in love with their garage!! And what a lovely hen house.

  • Mandy

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one who’s ever dreamed of getting married/having a wedding reception in a barn!

  • Ashley Sterk

    Hi Andrea- This is my DREAM house. I grew up on Kenowa and always LOVED this house! I am so glad I got to see the inside now!

    Twitter: FarmhouseLove

    Thanks Ashley!

    Unfortunately, the inside is definitely NOT finished yet — lol! Some day, when we’re finished, I’ll have an open house and if you still live in the area, you can walk through it!