Master Bedroom Demolition

Remember earlier this week when I posted a bunch of ideas for our master bedroom?? Well we’re certainly not there yet, but we’re making progress…kind of!

Please note, these pictures were taken at 10:00pm with a really harsh ceiling fan light {and I was in a hurry} so don’t expect anything too grand!

First things first — we had to take down those awful mirrored doors.

Next, we removed the flimsy closet system that was practically broken anyway.

Then, I took 2. 5 seconds to remove those beaded curtains…they’re going to Goodwill.

FINALLY, we rolled up the carpet and ripped up the pad…

…only to find boring old plywood.

No hardwood here — but can you tell where the addition was?

Dave removed the 582 staples in the floor and I removed the tack-strips and baseboard.

And this is all we were left with at the end of the night!

We will most likely finish “demolition” on the rest of the main floor bedrooms before we start making everything look nice again. We figure this is probably the most efficient way of doing things {plus demolition is really fun!}

8 comments to Master Bedroom Demolition

  • Oh, that was so much work, I know! I can’t wait to see the transformation. :)

  • Oh gosh…those mirrored closet doors, they are so 80′s! I lived in a highrise for a few years and every bedroom closet had mirrored doors! I used sticky velcro and just hung some nice fabric over them to hide them!
    I love how your bed was placed in the old house!

  • Denise @ Creative Kitchen
    Twitter: CreativKitchen

    Love how easy you make demolition look!!! Glad I stumbled onto your blog via a recommendation from Twitter. Can’t wait to read through more postings!

    What a great house you’ve bought…can’t wait to see the transformation unfold.

    Twitter: FarmhouseLove

    Thanks Denise, Glad you found us too!

    Demolition IS easy — well, it’s easier than the renovations we have planned! Plus, demolition can be messy, dirty, and “un-perfect” so it’s kind of therapeutic!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  • Hi there! Thanks for following me!
    I’m now following you, too, because I can’t wait to see what you do with your farmhouse… Congrats!
    I looked through the house tour and I can tell you – almost to the year ;-} – when your kitchen was put in… I still have an early 1950′s kitchen and the *exact same* countertops, gold w/ chrome trim!
    That is on our bucket list, too… little by little, right?
    Have fun with this wonderful project! – osc

  • Jennifer

    Ah, I so remember removing tackstrips during demolition, the part I’m good at. Every little bit gets you closer. Keep at it!

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