Farmhouse Inspiration

Since our guest bedroom currently looks like this: {more pictures coming soon}

And our goal is for it to look like this:

Photo Credit: Country Living

We have a bit of work to do!

But while we’re busy chipping away at our many projects, I thought it would be fun for you to take a look at some of my FAVORITE inspirational websites {in alphabetical order, of course!}

Many of them are all about farmhouses, but some are just amazing websites for “house junkies” like myself.

Over the next few months, I’ll be referring to these websites A LOT — looking for all the inspiration I can find.

Do you know of a great website I missed? PLEASE, send it our way!

8 comments to Farmhouse Inspiration

  • Thanks for taking the time to load up all these links! I bookmarked this page and plan to spend some time browsing around and getting ideas for our new house. I love the picture of your inspiration bedroom! Can’t wait to see more fun pictures of your progress and hear about what your learning along the way!

  • Oooooooooo…your project is so much fun for all the rest of us! I’ve always wanted to fix up a farmhouse – I had several picked out as a kid growing up in SD farm country, that I was going to revitalize. Thanks for the list of links, and for including me in it – can’t wait to browse your inspirations!

    Twitter: FarmhouseLove

    Thanks Brenda. I’ve been picking out farmhouses for my entire life, so I’m super excited to finally put a few of my plans into action!!

    Enjoy the inspiration…

  • Thea

    Thanks for posting these! What fun projects! Another website I enjoy that is about remodeling a house is younghouselove very fun to watch the progress! Enjoy your projects!

    Twitter: FarmhouseLove

    Thanks Thea…yes, more people have suggested that site! I better check it out!

  • JoDi

    Oh my . . . look at those walls. O_o

    You have your work cut out for you. Can’t wait to see the “after”!

    Twitter: FarmhouseLove

    I know…the dreaded walls!

    They are covered by 3 layers of wallpaper!!! But don’t worry, we have a plan :)