Moving Day!

We survived moving day!

We were a little worried about moving in December. Not only because the winter weather in Michigan usually doesn’t cooperate, but also because we moved only FIVE days before Christmas — which is a crazy busy time for both of us {and everyone else!}

However, when the moving truck pulled up, we knew it was the best weather we could have asked for in late December.

It was a beautiful sunny day — cold, but sunny. No wind, no snow, no rain!

We also had plenty of help from family and friends, which made the process go really quickly.

AND, we had an awesome UHaul truck with a ramp that conveniently lined up with our front porch, making the move that much easier. {Yes, I know all moving trucks have ramps, but we’ve never moved before so it was a pleasant surprise!}

At the end of the day, our house was pure craziness with boxes, bins, and baskets everywhere…but it was OUR house!

Our farmhouse!

Merry Christmas!

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