Furnace Filters

We did a lot of cleaning before we moved in. And one thing we KNEW we wanted to do was get all the duct work professionally cleaned.

It was a little pricey, but totally worth it; and the guys were nice enough to take a bunch of pictures and send them to me later that day!

Since our house is old, we figured the vents would be dirty…

Dirty-Clean Vents

But we didn’t think they would be THIS dirty!

The guys told us that they usually go through one vacuum filter per house…sometimes two filters if things are really dirty.

Well, they went through THREE filters in our house!

Furnace Filters

So gross!

Our duct guys also kindly informed us that our furnace filter was “a little past it’s prime”

A little?

Seriously, furnace filters need to be changed at least every 3 months {if not sooner}. Our poor furnace was probably choking on all this dust, dirt, and debris.

We replaced our filter with a fancy, reusable, eco-friendly filter…which I’ll talk about later.

And once all our duct work, vents, registers, and filters were sparkly clean, we tackled the rest of the house…and let me tell you, 120 years of dirt and dust is no small job!

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  • Sue

    Wow.. I would love to do that to our house.. I have never seen a house so dusty as mine..We got a whole new heating/cooling system about 2 years ago.. so we are very good about changing the filters.. But I was wondering.. what is a good price to have your ducts cleaned? Is it more than like 1000.00???

    thanks! Sue in NJ

    Twitter: FarmhouseLove

    It was less than $400 for us to have all the vents and returns thoroughly cleaned and sanitized (we had 20). However, I’m sure prices vary in different areas.

    It’s crazy how much “junk” gets into your vents…we are definitely glad we had ours cleaned!

  • Tiffany Poppema

    I love your website! I can’t believe that you are so local to me! My husband grew up in Forest Grove, and both our families all live in that area still. :) We’re about 20 minutes away now – ANYWAY – can you tell me who you contracted to do the cleaning? We’re going to need a new furnace at some point in the next year or so, and I’d love to do what you did and have them professionally cleaned while we’re at it. :) Thanks for your posts – I always stay up WAY too late reading them! lol

    Twitter: FarmhouseLove

    Thanks Tiffany! Wow, only 20 minutes away…someday when we’re finished with our renovations, you should look us up and stop over!

    Anyway, the company we used for our duct cleaning is a local company — Pro Duct Cleaning in Hudsonville — great guys that we personally know and would highly recommend.

    Here is their contact information: 616-662-4266 or productcleaning@hotmail{dot}com

  • Tiffany Poppema

    That would be AWESOME!!! Thanks for the info, I’m going to save it for our future cleaning! :) Happy renovating!

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