Boxes, Boxes, and More Boxes!

I’m proud to say that not only were we¬†completely¬†moved into our new house after 5 days, we also had ALL the boxes unpacked and put away after 8 days!

Whew, I’m tired just thinking about it again.

We had a lot of boxes!

And, since I was NOT going to sleep, work, or spend any amount of time in this BRIGHT purple room {remember, I’m the lover of neutrals!}, we opted to use it as our “boxes room” — a.k.a. the room where we dump all our boxes and packing materials until we get rid of them on Craigslist!

For the last week, every time we emptied another box, I triumphantly tossed it into “the purple room”. However, pretty soon, we could hardly walk in the purple room, so I had to start nesting and stacking the boxes {hence the nice rows.}

Who knew we had so much stuff!

So, if you know of anyone in West Michigan looking for boxes — please, send them our way.

We have a few…and we’re giving them away for free!

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