An Update On Our Farmhouse

Welcome back! 

It’s been exactly 19 months {to the day} since I’ve posted anything here at!


Since I last posted in May of 2011, we’ve started and finished MANY, MANY farmhouse projects… and we now have an almost 13 month old baby girl… Nora!

Since I continue to receive comments and emails related to FarmhouseLove on a very regular basis, I decided I should post one more update!

I’m simply THRILLED that you are so interested in our farmhouse — and if you’d like to stay “in-the-know” about all the fun projects we’re tackling, just follow my other blog, Simple Organized Living.

You can click on the “House and Home” section if you only want to read about farmhouse stuff… but feel free to read the rest of the blog if you’re at all interested in cleaning, organizing, time management, simple recipes, meal planning, etc.

And just because I’m nice, I included a link to some of our bigger projects below. If you love old farmhouses, be prepared to drool!

Thanks again for stopping by!

Love: Dave, Andrea & Nora 

A Farmhouse…Nursery!

Remember the pictures of our guest bedroom I showed you several weeks ago? You know, that UGLY room with four layers of wallpaper, hideous blue carpet, and horrendous mirrored closet doors?

Well, due to an unexpected “change of plans” our guest room will be our new nursery in about 24 weeks :)

Yup, I’m 16 weeks pregnant!

You can read more about how we told our families and some of my thoughts over here, but then make sure you come back and check out the ideas I have brewing for our future nursery!

1. The Color Pallet:

I am 100% positive that I will not have large amounts of blue, pink, green, or any other “baby colors”. Instead, I’m planning a super neutral color pallet — probably all whites, off-whites, creams, beiges, browns, etc. {Similar to this gorgeous nursery from A County Farmhouse}

Not only will a neutral nursery mesh seamlessly with my colors for the rest of our house, I also feel like it would just be silly to have a brightly colored or “themed” room in our 120 year old farmhouse — don’t you think?

Our nursery walls will have no wallpaper, no painted murals, no animals {especially not zoo animals}, no characters, no movie or TV show themes, no bright colors, no very “girlish” or “boyish” colors, and NO sponge painting!!

But I promise it will still be warm, inviting, child-friendly, and gorgeous!

2. The Crib:

I already have a Jenny Lind crib for our nursery {it looks exactly like the crib above} — not because we were planning to have a baby now, but because I’ve always wanted a dark stained Jenny Lind crib and I recently found an amazing deal on Craigslist!

I absolutely adore the style of Jenny Lind cribs and have 4 Jenny Lind twin beds for our other guest rooms — can we say “obsessed”!!

I really love this stunning white Jenny Lind crib from Life in the Fun Lane’s Nursery — but I’m positive our dark wood crib will look amazing with white bedding {if not, I can always paint it, right?}!!


3. The “Changing Table”:

I’ve never been a huge fan of  ”changing tables”. I think they are really impractical because you can only use them for a couple of months/years…and then they serve no purpose. So I most definitely plan to use one of the shabby dressers I have and simply put a changing pad on top — like this one from The Farmer Family.

SIDE NOTE: I love the old fashion tricycle too!

4. The Comfy Rocking Chair:

I don’t like the look of glider chairs but traditional wooden rocking chairs just don’t seem like they would be comfortable enough for the amount of hours I’ll be spending in it!

Fortunately, I already know the exact chair I want from Crate and Barrel. It looks just like this chair from Holly Mathis Interiors — plus it rocks and swivels. It is kind of pricey, so I might opt for a much cheaper, non-swivel version from IKEA…who knows!

I do know that it will be slipcovered in white canvas and it will be washable!

5. Curtains:

I will most definitely continue my “all white” theme with floor length white curtains — probably with room-darkening binds underneath. But one thing I know for sure, is that I want really cool curtain rods.

I was initially thinking of using galvanized plumbing pipes, but then I came across these gorgeous “branch” curtain rods over at The Lettered Cottage …and now I’m torn! What do you think?


6. Closet:

This room originally had 2 closets, but we removed one to make our walk-in shower {seriously, the best decision ever!}

So we have one good-size closet left, and I plan to fit several shelves, a small dresser, and at least 1 clothes rod inside. I haven’t found any great pictures of the look I’m going for, but don’t worry, I’ll have plenty of pictures to share once the closet is finished!

7. Accessories:


I most definitely will NOT have a traditional toy box {big shocker there!} Instead, I have a large wooden crate that I plan to distress, whitewash, stencil, and then put caster wheels on the bottom.

It will look similar to these crates from but my crate is a little larger and its has a lid.



Our nursery should have room for a small book shelf, and after seeing many of my friend’s nurseries, I KNOW it will come in handy. It seems that children’s books are a very popular baby gift!



I already have the chandelier I was planning to use in the former “guest room” and I’m still planning to use that light in the nursery. It’s black right now, but I’ll most likely spray paint it white!


OK, so those are my ideas so far…what do you think?

By the way, this is what half our nursery looks like right now!

Yup, we have a long way to go, but I’m confident it will all be finished well before October!


Did I miss anything? What are your “must haves” for a nursery??

It’s Starting to Look Like a Bathroom!

Bathroom Vanity Wall

So remember way back when we moved in — our master bathroom looked like this:

And we were NOT super excited about it.

So we tore it apart. All the way down to the studs…which was really the only way to go with this ugly of a bathroom.

And then we had the brilliant idea . . . Read More

The Walls Keep Coming Down

New opening into office

Things aren’t LOOKING any better around our house… but we are making progress!

One of the things on our very long list of to-do’s was to knock out a few more walls. We’ve already knocked out a few partial walls, but since two of the walls we wanted to take out were load-bearing walls, we just kept putting it off . . . Read More

A Walk-in Shower!!

Knocking out the closet

It’s been awhile since I posted…but that’s only because we’ve been REAL indecisive lately.

Dave and I keep coming up with new ideas, better ideas, different ideas. We had so many good ideas that we were trapped — we didn’t know which one to go with.

Then yesterday, a light-bulb went on and we came up with THE . . . Read More

We’re Still Working

Wood Stain Options

Yes…we’re still here.

We’re still working.

We’re still ripping up, tearing out, and demolishing a third of our house.

We’re still living in a complete mess.

I just got sick of blogging about it!

But there’s good news…we’re also making progress!


1. My uncle agreed to build us this GORGEOUS bathroom vanity from Pottery Barn.

He has the plans drawn up, . . . Read More

Bathroom Demolition

Master Bath 2

Even though bathroom makeovers tend to be quite pricey, Dave and I are willing to splurge for a nice bathroom. After all, we’re planning to live here for a long time and want it to be nice.

Really nice!

And for some reason, the current master bath just didn’t fit our farmhouse style…

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Another Farmhouse Tour


Remember my field trip to the saw mill a week ago?

Well, I went on another field trip this past week — but this time, I only had to go about 5 miles down the road to another old farmhouse.

The Maple Ridge Farm

This 1830′s farmhouse is proudly owned by Tom and Sandy Ralya, who have completely renovated every . . . Read More

One Word: Insulation!


One of the main issues we KNEW we would run into with our 120 year old farmhouse was insulation — or rather the lack of insulation!

We were hopeful that the previous owners took the time to insulate the house during their many renovations — but they didn’t

So, since we’re in the middle of gutting . . . Read More

My Field Trip… to the Saw Mill!

Stacks of Wood Flooring

I went on a field trip this past week!

Yup, I drove over 90 minutes one way {and I hate driving} to look at wood floors — but not just ANY wood floors — these are floors made from old, reclaimed barn wood.

Floors that looked like this…

Aren’t They Fantastic!

These floors are . . . Read More